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frequently asked questions

Should I create an account?
It is not required to create an account to place an order. However, we recommend you to create an account so that you can easily review all your data and orders.
How is the sheepskin measured?
The skin is measured diagonally. We only include the actual leather in our measurements.
How can I pay?
We accept the following payments: - IDeal - Paypal - Transfer - Cash
What is the delivery time?
Your order should be delivered within 2 working days following order confirmation. Please allow up to 2 additional working days for international deliveries. For shipping within the Netherlands only: If you order before 15 o'clock, you can expect your City Sheep the next day.
How can I return my product?
Returns procedure City Sheep will refund any item(s), provided that the item(s) has not been damaged, soiled, washed or altered. Step 1 : Put the unused sheepskin in a box Step 2 : Send us an email about your return order ( so we can register your returned item. Step 3 : The amount owed will be refunded within 7 days on your account. Your refund will be issued to the same card you used for the original purchase.
When will I get an answer to my email ?
Most of the time we respond within 24 hours to your inquiry. Send us an email with your questions ( or fill in the contact form.
City Sheep has a warranty period of 30 days after purchase. Is the product different than you expected? Send an email to, within one working day you will receive instructions on how to proceed when you want to send back your order. Keep in mind you have 30 days to decide if you want to return your product(s), beginning from the day you receive your package. City Sheep will refund any item(s), provided that the item(s) has not been damaged, soiled, washed or altered.
What is RAW City Sheep?
Our RAW City Sheep rugs are part of our exclusive collection. Our RAW sheep rugs are made by hand, with local wool and with an ecological philosophy in mind. At City Sheep, design and sustainability come together. The rough and reckless look characterizes the RAW City Sheep. As the name brings to mind, our RAW rugs ask for a different type of home. It demands some boldness and deep love for the rawness of nature. City Sheep makes sure to only select the most unique wool for you. The RAW rugs exist out of a diverse collection of exclusive sheep races. We love to work with the wool from the Gotland-, Drentseheide- and Bril sheep. Every spring our sheep give the most beautiful wool. We process them into high quality rugs, whose softness and warmth you can enjoy for years.